All about the alionsonny project!

alionsonny was the first digital music project by me, Jürgen Wolther from Hamburg / Germany. It came into existence in 2004 when, after a long time of working as a software developer, I decided to make music again. I was not up for the hassle of founding or joining a band, as I did many times before I became a software developer. As I already created music as a hobby back in the days on computers like the C64 and the Amiga (500/1200), I decided to start making music on my multimedia PC. In 2004 I joined the Versionist Riddim Community, a website about Reggae / Dub music and especially versioning Reggae Riddims. There I also uploaded my first attempts in creating Reggae-ish music on a computer. Even though my skills were far from even being an amateur, I got a lot of nice feedback on my early works. And this encouraged me to go on and even release the first alionsonny album "XperiMental Reggae Works" in fall 2004. After a while the Versionist community fell apart because of several reasons. I kept doing my thing and was (and am) best known for angering Reggae purists with my experimental and non-conformist style. This lead to the title of a discontinued album, titles "This is not really Reggae". Over the years, I created music of many genres under the name of alionsonny. Some people got mad about this and complained, that they didn't like to be "surprised" with new genres and styles with each and every release. For example: I released "Excursions in Time & Space", a wild mix of Electronica, Synthpop and Techno-ish music. In 2010 I went over the top and released "Electronic Spacerock", a complete album dedicated to 80s style Electronica and Synthpop. During the same year, I also released an album as the soundtrack of a fictional Dungeons & Dragons style RPG, "Alion - The Original Soundtrack". This album featured a orchestral and classical music style. At latest at this point it was clear, that I had to found at least one new project, because the anger among my listeners grew and grew. So I decided to found the 2 music projects "Willma Poppen" and "Cimelium" and dedicated the project alionsonny exclusively to Reggae-ish music. Until 2009 I released all music under a Creative Commons License, totally free of charge. In 2009 I realized, that there was a real demand for my works and first tried to generate money on a donation based concept. This didn't work very well. So when I found a great distribution service in 2012, I released most of my music as commercial releases through my distributor. Some works didn't make it through my "quality assurance process", which means, that I decided that they weren't good enough for commercial releases. I released 3 free albums, containing most of these songs in 2013.
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